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10 Places That Will Pay You to Write About Finance

It is the entire amount of cash inflow that you receive and can allocate to expenses, savings, investments, and protection. This includes salaries, wages, dividends, and other sources of cash inflow. Search top personal finance writers to write high-quality content for the personal finance industry. As a Scripted member you will be able to reach out to them directly, negotiate price, and start short or long-term assignments with ease. We do not accept guest posts from freelancers or content marketers looking to build links to their clients. While details of payment often depend on each editor and pitch, many of these publications pay writers — sometimes handsomely.

So if you can ramp up your marketing, do it. If you have clients you’ve worked for over a year and you have a good relationship, consider asking for a raise. It’s the movement of money through your business. What you want is cash flowing out of your business slower than cash flows in. He/she should have a basic understanding of finance, investments, insurance, and other related areas.


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If you don’t have time, you might benefit from hiring a professional to help you invest your money. I was particularly overwhelmed with a lot of work here at Eventbrite, so I didn’t have a ton of time. It took very little effort on my end to work with Scripted and their account management service.

Financial experts generally recommend putting away 20% of each paycheck every month. Once you’ve filled up your emergency fund, don’t stop. Continue funneling the monthly 20% toward other financial goals, such as a retirement fund or a down payment on a home.

Individuals must ensure their spending is less than their income; otherwise, they won’t have enough money to cover their expenses or will fall into debt. Debt can be devastating financially, particularly with the high-interest rates credit cards charge. Mike is a writer and government official based out of Pennsylvania. He has written two books, been featured in numerous nationally known websites, including Governing Magazine, The Mighty, and Mental Floss. He maintains a blog on mental health, has written numerous op-eds in local papers and completed over 2,500 freelance articles for other services.

Leave a comment and share your personal finance tips for keeping more cash. The sole purpose of our blogs is to create value. We’re looking for posts that are actionable in nature and provide new insights to the readers helping them to make sound and informed financial decisions. So, in case you find yourself inclined toward money matters and believe have the potential of curating topics on it then you’re most welcome to join our blogging community. Our blog gives a writer a vast reach and helps a writer in building or developing their personal brand value.

This site is owned by I-Grow Venture ltd. Gambian based solution provider in the area of training, investment and consultancy. Please limit the links in your article to 2, and of course, you may include a link back to your site. Please write a unique and original post content. Please note that we do not pay for the articles, however we add a short bio at the bottom of the article, where you may add a link to your website.

Take the guesswork out of the hiring process, opting for the most seamless process. Are you interested to become guest bloggers or contributors for us? We are always open to giving opportunities to new authors. So, if you have a strong knowledge base and the zeal to enlighten our readers and help the financial community to grow, then you are most welcome to write for us and submit your guest post. However, just make sure to bring a fresh viewpoint on the topic which are related to personal finance. Reading personal finance blogs is a great way to start learning about personal finance.

Fill out your personal details and answer a few questions that will help us get to know you better, on Google forms. Once you submit your application, we will evaluate it alongside others and if we like your application, we will get in touch shortly. Content should be unique and should not publish anywhere else on the web. There is no value in Search Engines of duplicate and spin content. We prefer submissions as word docs so that our editors can easily review them and provide any feedback and guidance directly to you. I love to join you as a writer in this platform thanks.