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We dream to see every single website on the Internet securely encrypted, and we’re proud to contribute our bit to this grand vision. The Asia Pacific Security Magazine maintains a strong focus on regional events and trends. Published since 2010, the APSM has developed a global reputation for quality content and is distributed across all digital channels. Tell a story, do not just present facts, the article should contain a thread or argument and end in a meaningful conclusion that summarises its content. The first two or three paragraphs should grab the readers’ attention and tell them what the article is about. You warrant to us that you are the author and owner of the material you submit to us.

On another note, please bear in mind that we prefer straightforward content with a conversational tone. To the uninformed writer, 800 words about tech may seem like a lot. But to people like us who are well-versed with the digital sphere, the word count is just enough for digestible and helpful information.

Use images that will really helpful for the readers to understand the article. Since our audience is here to gain insight and knowledge, the publication should either inform, analyze or provide opinion on the subject. As evident, we cover topics related to information security and cybersecurity. However, if you feel confined, you can come up with a more compelling angle to cover these topics. We surely would like to see a fresh perspective on things.

Blogging has become as normal as breathing for people on the internet. What once used to be an online journal of personal updates is now a powerful platform for communication and information. We don’t allow self-promoting articles and any article that is self-promoting will not be published. You understand and agree that you do not have the right to reuse, republish, change, share, update, or replicate the submitted post on any other platform after submitting it. When it comes to the Article, make sure the file is in Word, DOCX, or OTD format and close to 1000 words. There are no deadlines unless ever mentioned or specified to you.

The term applies to a variety of contexts, from business to mobile computing, and can be divided into a few common categories. Cybersecurity is the protection of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data against malicious attacks. If you wish to publish your article, it must be completely original and not plagiarised.

We are looking for motivated and passionate people in this area to contribute with articles that tell news and insights on cybersecurity issues. Cyber ​​security measures and tools assess vulnerabilities and prevent threats from entering systems. This protects sensitive data and ensures that only authorized users can access the information. If you wish to write for us, your article must be close to 1000 words long. More than 1000 words are always appreciated; add some value for readers to pique their interest in your work. It is a competitive world, and people like information that helps them in real life, which you can provide in your writing.


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Your abstract must be a high level summary of what the article will be about.

Your command of English must be at a level which makes your post understandable to the recipient. If you have exceptional content but need help with the language, we do have professional editing capability at our disposal. In contrast, please save the promotional material related to your company’s products or services for the corporate website. Furthermore, this blog on cyber security is your opportunity to bring up even controversial topics, which you would not normally write about on the company blog.

Opinion pieces, which advocate a change in the status quo or provide constructive criticism on a topic. Your Article should have a minimum of 3 internal links. Photographs, other creative, all images and text must be sent as separate files. A 1 to 2 paragraph abstract must be submitted for approval.

Include at least one picture, or graphic in your post to make the article standard. We are looking forward to promoting your valuable work on our website, and honoring you as a guest writer. Use bold highlights in case of long articles which overlook the paragraph look. The opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate.