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Once you have found health guest posting sites, check if the blog already has a good reputation. If there is, then you can include your name in the About Me section so that the readers will know who you are. Guest posting is nothing but writing and publishing articles on other people’s websites. We offer guest posting opportunities at FBR and also participate in the same for other websites.

In turn, we offer a highly-trusted and niche platform for brands and publishers to share their content and earn equitable links and exposure. Before you create a post for submission, we recommend that you read some of the following articles to get an idea of the style we prefer. We also advise potential guest writers to submit topic ideas to ensure that it is something that is well aligned with our brand voice.


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The post should be accessible and well-written in English. Habitat for Wellness, you attest that you are the original author of all the content. Ensure that you do not violate copyright when using images, always give credit when needed. Each information of in the post is true and relevant. I appreciate you sharing the quality collection Websites.

For example, you can use one great idea to ask your readers to visit. Your official website and sign up for your newsletter. Whether you are seeking an increase in website traffic, back-linking, or brand awareness, you may submit your guest post below.

Each link brings you closer to the desired leading position, and you can be sure that all actions are backed by real professionals aware of best link building practices and short paths to success. You no longer need to think through your own link building strategy containing many pitfalls. Any publishers you need are already collected, you just need to submit your article and enjoy traffic boosting and SEO transformations in a couple of weeks. In view of the above, before starting to write your article, think whether you’re creating any value and adding something insightful to what already exists online. Additionally, what is even more important, make sure your information is truthful and correct. To be absolutely sure that your content is of top-notch quality, you could request the assistance of Adsy’s experienced writers.

Your writing should be well-written, interesting, unique, and informative. Lastly, all links in the publication should point to good quality and relevant websites. We don’t accept posts that are disguised advertisements for your products. We will check for plagiarism and copyright infringement, so please just don’t do it. You may quote up to three authorities in your post as long as you list the appropriate sources.

Writing and Wellness reserves the right to refuse publication or remove a guest post without prior notice to the guest post writer. Our readers have come to expect quality material, and that’s all we publish. You can use additional subheadings like and and bullet points to improve readability. We encourage people from across the globe to come forward and share their experiences that could make a difference in someone else’s life through our blog. Please note that you don’t have to be a mental health professional or a psychologist to write for us.

While we do offer sponsored content opportunities, we prefer that you keep the tone and links in your content non-promotional in nature. This will include our ownership over related third party materials. Convenient tools allow you to fully control the process of obtaining backlinks. Use 15+ filters to select the blogs you need by topics, traffic volume, and other criteria. If your audience is only women or vice versa, only men, you can easily find sites suitable for such parameters.