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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB’s) mission is to encounter the mercy of Christ and to accompany His people with joy. $18.00 $23.00 $28.00 Daily scriptural mediations; reflections on Christian life. $36.00 $48.00 $48.00 Articles of general interest. $23.00 $29.00 $29.00 Academic journal stressing the personal / moral aspects of the faith. $15.00 $17.00 $17.00 Full color bimonthly containing general interest articles. $25.00 $25.00 US $25.00 US Journal of Biblical studies; articles of varying worth and orthodoxy.

You will receive monthly reminders 10 days in advance of your deadline. Don’t just use an image search on Google, Bing, or other browser to find images. Place your cursor over the descriptive words in bold at the top of the box that pops up, and copy that link. At all other points than this niggling one, I would have no trouble complying with your brand, projected identity or methodological requirements. I might with difficulty comply with wordy circumlocution, but I already struggle to approximate taciturnity. I have been praying, but need a response from your magazine.

Currently I am in hospital so I do not have access to my computer at home. A God fearing Catholic, Founder of Catholicism Coffee, the largest Catholic publication on Medium and Founder of Servus Dei, Discord’s Largest Catholic Server. The rules mentioned here may be modified as the publication grows, but one thing will remain the same; the quality of our work.

Your personal information and email address will NEVER be shared publicly or sold to anyone. Most articles should fall in the range of 700 to 1600 words. They can be longer, but it’s generally best to keep it short. Check for CC0 designation below the image or narrow your search to include only those in the public domain by checking the “Public Domain Artwork” filter in the left sidebar. The best way to know what kind of images we’re looking for is to look at the website.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Authors receive two complimentary copies of published work. In your query, state your proposed topic, sources, authorities, and your qualifications to write the article. Fresh sources and interviews with experts or people in the field will be necessary.

Today’s American Catholic is grateful to have many talented writers who regularly contribute to our publication. We are always seeking new voices from a variety of faith backgrounds. A newly accepted article may not immediately be published, unless it is a time-critical. We do not base placement of an article on any scheduled advertising; instances in which editorial content appears similar to an advertisement are strictly coincidental.

I learned about the publishing industry, I improved my craft, and I began collaborating with other writers. After about five years of continuous work investing in myself as a writer, my first book was published. If you are interested in being added to our roster of book reviewers, please send your resume and clips of published book reviews to Joy In Truth reserves the right to refuse submitted articles due to objectionable content and/or theological concerns and to remove articles from the site at any time and at the sole discretion of the editor. You don’t need to provide any art for book reviews.