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No letter of intent for institution of any new manufactory or growth of the manufacturing capability of an present manufactory shall be issued with out earlier notification issued by the Government expressing the intention to grant the same from time to time. Sub-leasing of Manufactory. – The Commissioner may, on application made by the holder of a licence issued underneath these guidelines, allow sub-leasing the entire or a half of the licensed capability of such manufactory to the proposed sub-lessee.

Essence used for mixing or water used for discount have to be pure; and the licensee shall comply with the instructions of the Commissioner issued in respect of .sustaining the quality of essential elements including water or another materials used for the purpose. Issue of spirit for laboratory objective. – If the licensee requires spirit or mix for the use in the laboratory hooked up to the manufactory, he shall be entitled to take away spirit to the laboratory with out payment of any excise responsibility, to the extent of 5 Litres per month. The licensee shall be liable for the correct and full payment of the Excise duty due on the Indian Made Foreign Liquor to be removed. But if he’s unsure as to the quantity of such Excise duty, he might, previous to its cost within the treasury, apply to the excise officer for a revision of calculation. Persons holding a licence in another State on the market of liquor by whole sale or retail on production of a valid allow issued by the Commissioner.

The licensee shall have no proper to say any provide of raw materials produced in the State of Andhra Pradesh for manufacture of Indian Made Foreign Liquors. The licensee shall maintain the registers and furnish the statements and different info as may be required by the Commissioner in the method specified. The licensee shall hold intact a security deposit of Rs. 10 Lakh as laid down in Rule 6 for due efficiency of this agreement. This software is within the specified time limit prescribed in the Letter of Intent. This Letter of Intent shall not, nevertheless confer any proper or privilege for the grant of a licence and is liable to be cancelled or withdrawn at any time and in such an occasion, no compensation or damages whatever shall be payable.

Labels bearing the phrases ‘Special” shall be used solely on the bottles containing liquor manufactured with spiced spirit. In case of supply of liquor to canteen stores department, the licensee get each variety of label approved individually by paying the label fee as specified in sub-rule . The licensee shall also get the label re-approved for each licensed 12 months by paying the label fee laid out in sub-rule . Bottling of Liquor.

OFB recently featured its own variant of the M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun. Indian Army has been utilizing M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, since World War-II, which presents long-range, accuracy and immense stopping power. Previously, these M2 Heavy Machine Guns have been scavenged from the captured Pakistani tanks and plane during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Apart from the influx of aerospace and defence firms across the world, the Ordnance Factor Board, which is underneath the department of defence production, obtained to present a variety of the Small Arms that are within the trial part and manufacturing. While some of them have already been inducted into Indian Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces, a few of them are nonetheless in the trial part.

Bangkok and other cities in Thailand have many tuk-tuks that are a more open variation on the Indian auto-rickshaw. There are no meters, and trip prices are negotiated upfront. Bangkok fares have risen to almost salary for paralegals in texas equal normal taxis due to uninformed foreigners willing to pay the asking price, however leaves passengers more exposed to environmental air pollution than taxis.

Auto rickshaws are an important type of urban transport in many developing countries, and a form of novelty transport in lots of developed countries. However, in some parts of Europe they remain an essential mode of transportation, notably Italy’s. Specifications can differ as the aircraft is still in development. All the informations are based on out there non-official sources – approximate and preliminary.

Licence for possession and use of denatured spirit, methylated spirit and methyl alcohol by medical practitioner, NonGovernment Hospitals, Educational, Scientific or analysis establishments Clinics and laboratories. Licence for possession and use of denatured spirit in manufacture of french polish, varnish, thinners, metallic polish, soaps, different denatured spirituous preparations or for industrial purposes as reagents or solvents and so forth. The licensee shall preserve the following hygienic circumstances within the Brewery. When their annuity is paid in money, the Indian Traders who are constantly pouring in their whiskey upon them, stand ready unjustly to take from them each cent. Neither are they very specific always to depend what they take. The following is a specimen of their open theft at public payments, as associated to me by two intelligent gents who were current at the final fee at Chicago and noticed the infernal deed.