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Link Building by Guest Blogging: The Definitive Guide 2022

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to compress images that you use in your article. You can find many online image compression tools like Compressor.io. We’re going to take a deeper dive into search intent soon when we discuss keyword research. Tailoring your content based on a user’s search phrases will help you maximize your chances of earning high ranks. Freshness is another ranking factor that is dependent on the search query.

One example of this is this link in an author bio of a guest post I contributed to Influence&Co. It’s not just Dutch; as well in Holland, we have copywriters based in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. If you’re looking for quality links in multiple languages, we can help. To assess the impact of your link building campaign, we track progress and compile a detailed report each month. This allows us to identify the keywords that will convert to the highest volume of sales if you achieve a top position on google.nl. Combining your understanding of your own business and our understanding of SEO, we target the ideal keywords to give you the best return on investment.

Some of the best pages to link to include Research, Statistics, Infographics, and Videos. Readers favor digestible content—so if it makes for better user experience, editors are keen to leave it in. If you’re link building for yourself or a client, you need those backlinks to stay in. By now, you know building relevant, high-quality backlinks is the name of the game here.

A great way of researching content ideas is to leverage platforms like BuzzSumo. This is a link building strategy that will work better if you have networking experience or connections with thought leaders in your industry. Likely the strategy you’ve heard about the most and probably even tried yourself, guest blogging is another great way to earn mid- to top-tier links back to your site. Creating and building an online presence for your brand will increase your audience size, boost page views, and can even lead to new links over time.


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While you will obviously add a link to your site in your profile bio, for maximum SEO impact, you also need to get a link within the content. This acts as an editorial link and gives you lots of SEO juice. They help illustrate examples and ideas, making the post easier to read and understand.

With this being said, making the content more engaging is well worth the effort. It helps create a bond with the readers and gets them hooked. By citing the sources they used while creating the article, the content writer instantly boosts the credibility of the content. It also makes them look more professional and trustworthy.

Also, then, the webmasters of those sites won’t mind linking back to your site. And, the main aim behind guest posting done by many people is to get backlinks to their site. Again, it is very important to not make this too obvious or noticeable in your guest post. Obviously, there could be other aims like, to increase brand awareness and domain authority. But it is always good to guest post if you get to post a dofollow link to your business. You can also use search engines to find websites that accept guest blogs.

And nearly half of a website’s sales are from the result of search engine traffic. Add links to these sources for readers to dig in even deeper. Not paying attention to guidelines will get your pitch deleted without being read.

When it comes to guest posting, not all blogs are made equal. We carry out plenty of research, ruling out the majority of sites when carrying out link outreach. Link building strategies for bloggers should be about more than just getting a bunch of random links.

Certain types of content are naturally going to rank higher than others, based on the current significance of the topic. It’s also important to note that Google does NOT publicly disclose every single factor and many of these are pieced together by professionals in the SEO community. If you’re curious to know more, you can check out this really great article from Backlinkio that lists all 200 factors Google is believed to use. By showing you’re active, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rates and put yourself front and center in readers’ minds.