Linkblog: Just Finished ‘boston Police Purchased Spy Tech With A Pot Of Money Hidden From The Public Propublica’

Kade Crockford, who heads the Technology for Liberty program at the ACLU of Massachusetts, called the cell website simulator “extremely invasive,” and was not stunned Boston police used forfeiture dollars to pay for it, which prevented scrutiny. When Harris Corp.discontinued the stingray equipmentfor local legislation enforcement use in 2019, Boston police turned to Tactical Support Equipment. Sergeant Detective John Boyle, spokesman for the Boston police, did not clarify why the division used forfeiture dollars to purchase the tools instead of purchasing it by way of the common budget process.

Reforming these two insurance policies could be completely sensible, if the country wasn’t so hopelessly polarized. I’m pretty sure you meant the latter, but without near-blanket safety from lawsuits from “doing their job,” police chiefs will demand a lot greater salaries to allow bachelor in cell biology columbus ohio them to pay for liability insurance. Civil asset forfeiture is the police punishing people, with out due process. There’s nothing stopping the money from being handed out directly to officers as bonuses and bounties and that’s, actually, accomplished in some locations.

Sign up for The Brief Weekly to rise up to speed on their essential protection of Texas issues. ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. More particularly, they love legally questionable, invasive toys that always do extra harm than good. Even more particularly, they love when nobody else other than themselves are conscious that they possess such problematic tools. Stingrays are bad news, and so is the ability to buy them with out public scrutiny.

If you share republished tales on social media, we’d recognize being tagged in your posts. We have official accounts for ProPublica on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. State Rep. Jay Livingstone, who represents elements of Boston and Cambridge, says this kind of covert police spending is exactly why extra oversight is needed. I would even be keen to entertain investments and partnerships at this stage.

This isn’t the primary time the Boston Police Department has bought spy gear that’s shrouded in mystery. The fact that the Boston PD is acquiring these constitutionally questionable devices and never even telling town council that they’ve them is worrisome at greatest and legal at most. The Boston Police department has been robbing residents of their cash — many of whom were by no means accused of against the law — to purchase surveillance technology off the books, to spy on residents.

Why wouldn’t we expect some Democrat administration to start spying on individuals who disagree with them? The intersection of expertise, privacy, and freedom in a digital world. Just wait till the masses realize why the federal government really desires to push wifi linked EV’s onto the public. One of the luxuries about being a one celebration state is that you just never have to assume critically concerning the means since you at all times agree with the ends. Massachusetts is going to be one of the last states that has that robust discussion about reining in the enforcement arm of presidency as a result of it is a) so one sided b) wealthy enough to paper over issues for an extended time. Many NASA launches have a black project that the basic public does not hear about.

WBUR’s investigations group is uncovering tales of abuse, fraud and wrongdoing throughout Boston, Massachusetts and New England. In this case, they purchased a “stingray” that they then used to surveil targets’ places, information, and contacts… Along with unsuspecting members of the basic public, whose phones’ information is commonly also swept up in the collections course of. They are given budgets to purchase issues that no police force ought to have access too.