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Anyway, I do not buy it, and this is coming from someone who writes a lot and still cannot churn out the monstrous load that these jerkoffs release. Good luck on trying to convince me of this garbage — the numerous other issues I find with this are unnecessary to mention here. Regardless, this is a waste of my time, as the internet needs to be cleaned up. Trash like this is unacceptable, and no amount of payment makes it believable. In the end, I suppose that getting paid makes you abuse the system even more than usual, right?

Overall it is just low quality fake news meant for people who are too dumb to notice that the articles are written by a bunch of people who clearly never finished 9th grade English. Create content related to entertainment and film news, edit materials as needed, and ensure writing meets company standards. Requires writing skills and interest in pop culture news. Will coordinate with editors, maintain industry knowledge, draft feature articles, conduct interviews and provide industry expertise. Must have knowledge of streaming platforms. Looking for an experienced editor to oversee Comics under the leadership of the Comics Lead Editor.

Literally steals its content from smaller YouTube channels. But hey, they have a ton of funding so I guess it’s the American way. For those who don’t know, Rocky was the very first Hispanic Power Ranger & the second Red Ranger. He was charismatic, funny, humble, a great friend and a very talented martial artist.


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For people who hate fun, there is always Deadline . For people who love to read fun stuff about movies and TV, ScreenRant is well worth for the follow… Full-time, contracted and remote candidate will write and edit 10 posts per day, manage extensive coverage of the online world, and pitch new ideas. Must have working knowledge of tech culture and relevant experience in writing and editing.

The epitome of fake fans, all just for clicks. When I want to read late-breaking movie news, Comics, I’ll visit the likelihood sites like Variety or Hollywood Reporter. However, when I want something funny, I go to ScreenRant. A lot of people hate lists and fun articles, and that is fine, but I would prefer fun stuff to endless regurgitation of the same stories over and over again.