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Let us grasp some tips and ideas for writing about Pets like Cats, Dogs, and other pet animals. This write-up is useful for all the new guest post writers and the existing writers too. When you write for us, you are writing for an audience of pet lovers. This means that your article should be well researched and provide valuable information to our readers.


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Interlink at least 2 anchor text through our past articles at Bulldogology Blog if and where possible. Please make sure you format your paragraphs into short easy to read paragraphs. Do not chunk too must sentence into one big paragraph, 1-3 sentence max per paragraphs. If you need examples, please go through our past articles. Our main audience is Dog owners, but Cat owners are also interested in some of our content and we would like to grow this area of content.

If you don’t meet any of them, your submission may be rejected. Write a short paragraph for your author bio with your first and last name. We allow you to provide two links of your choice in your bio. It can be a link to your website and your eBook. If can be a link to your website and social media page.

Take a look around the PetPlace library and you’ll see that our writers have published a lot of content over the years. That doesn’t mean they’ve covered everything. PetPlace is always interested in articles that find novel ways to explore evergreen subjects. Feel free to submit a number of ideas for the editorial team to review.

We’re always looking to expand our team of pet-obsessed writers, and we occasionally accept high-quality pet guest posts. Among all of these link building tactics, guest posting is one of the best and highly used strategies by link experts. The links you get from guest posts are of high quality and it also increases your website’s authority.

One hi-res image to support your content that is relevant with a credit to the source. Any breaches of copyright will not be accepted. Suggest AT LEAST 2-3 images within the post.

Pet Fact is all about quality and dedicated writing skills. If you wish to deliver your pet-based writings to us, you need to ensure that the articles or blogs you are providing us are of top-notch quality. So, it would be best to keep the following points in mind before reaching out to us. We, therefore, expect that our authors must have a strong desire to produce quality content with procedural advice that readers can apply for their pets. We’ve gathered readers from a wide range of communities, from pet owners, pet caretakers, and even entrepreneurs. It’s not recycled info we can already find online.

If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or behavior, contact a vet or a trainer. Animalscomparison.com is online community for animals, Dogs, cats, gecko and pets where you can compare animals, their strength, size, height, weight, weakness etc. We Publish useful information on pets and animals. Here we are offering you a chance to share animals and pets related news, stories and ideas on your website through Guest posts.

For example, if your post is on dog training, then you should be a certified dog trainer. If the topic of your article is dog food, then you should be a professional vet. We welcome quality guest authors from experts who fit our content style.

The article was published elsewhere or there is substantial plagiarism within the article. You can provide me with photos or I can find appropriate graphics to complete your article. Please identify photo sources with a link back to the source. If photos are your originals, please indicate that as well. If I need to make substantial changes, we will send you the final version, for your approval. If I find that the material is inappropriate or requires too much editing, I may reject it at first.