What Are Some Creatures And Stories In Vietnamese Mythology?


It has a flame-like crest and is normally seen as flying, at all times towards a greater life. This seven-headed flying horse was Indian god Indra’s car. Snow white in color and regarded laugavegurinn/fimmvörðuháls pass, iceland the king of horses, it was created in the course of the ‘samudra manthan’ or churning of the milk ocean. This mythical horse finds mention each in Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata.

At the top of the day, nevertheless, no official sighting of such a lady has been recorded, so it’s finest to consider the tales as warnings for kids to not get lost after nightfall. These beliefs go away locals reluctant to go deep into the forests, especially after dark. But then again, perhaps they’re solely legends stemming from people’s worry of the unknown and the risks that lurk in the wilderness. Apart from those 4 well-known ones, there are other holy animals in the Vietnamese culture corresponding to carps, horses, tigers and canines; we are going to talk about them in one other upcoming publish. She contracted leprosy, which on the time was thought of as extra of a curse than the curable illness it is right now. There have been a quantity of bills of “ghost money” – fake money burnt as choices to the dead – within the money counter.

This vampire is an old but engaging girl who preys on pregnant women and makes use of her tongue to suck the blood of their unborn babies. A youngster born with a deformed face is alleged to have been a victim. Her top half flies with bat wings whereas her bottom half stays behind. If you find the underside half, you can destroy the manananggal by masking it with salt, garlic, or ashes. The Phaya Naga is a Laotian dragon that lives within the Mekong River.

In the cthulhu mythos this factor is god, a blind, continuously dreaming entity, and our universe is however certainly one of his many dreams. Also somehow this thing has descendants, one of which is the massive C himself. These days we use the word ‘doppelgänger’to reference someone’s non-related twin. Someone who naturally looks precisely like another person with none blood relation. It’s a rare coincidence, but that’s not the word’s original definition. On his means throughout the water he may hear somebody name out for him.

Another mythical animal of Chinese origin, this winged lion is believed to beat back evil spirits and attracts wealth. It is alleged to have a voracious appetite for less than gold and silver – therefore the belief that an auspicious creature who brings its proprietor gold. Along with legends and lore from history, modern-day Vietnam has its personal tales of terror that found their method onto this listing.

Keep pots of uncooked rice, salt, or ash outside to deter a Manananggal from getting into your house. Manananggals, like vampires, are delicate to salt and garlic, and so they avoid knives, mild, stingray tails, and vinegar. When Game of Thrones originally got here out, many potential fans who had not read the books found the pilot episode to be considerably shocking…. To present how diversified individuals may be, the Breaking Bad universe provides up a big selection of criminals with various degrees of toes within the… The Manananggal of the Philippines has some options of the Penanggalan.