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What is Event Marketing: Strategies, Ideas, Examples Definition

The first point of contact of the email will be the subject line you write, which is why it’s so important to get this part right. To give your attendees an experience of value, consider hosting an expert who can answer questions or give tips related to your marketing campaign. It’s okay to embrace social media to create anticipation and excitement around your pop-up or experience, just as Adult Swim and Cartoon Network did. Conference hosts thrive on attendees who network with one another. By creating opportunities for your attendees to collaborate and play together, you allow them to share their ideas — making for more educated customers as a result. Build an experience for people who aren’t sure about how they would use your product or service.

Create great graphics and engaging posts to entice your audience to click your links and attend your event. You can create targeting campaigns using in-platform keyword lists, topics and geolocation details. If you want to gain more followers and people who follow and engage with your competitors, you can do so through apps like Tweepi. Online events connect presenters and participants through a web-based interface. Online events are often less costly than in-person events and can enable you to easily reach a geographically dispersed audience.

Please also supply a brief biodata and a headshot of each author at the end of every article. Articles with grammatical and spelling errors will be returned for revision. To add a personal touch can be beneficial for your email marketing open and engagement rates.

Depending on where the event takes place, you must have a limited number of people you could invite. State that number so that the event planning team doesn’t overbook the venue. If you’re looking to highlight your upcoming events, including a button linking to your sales page, so potential customers can find the tickets they want with ease. If you want your customers to read an article, link to it clearly and explain what it is and why they would be interested. By marketing primarily on social media, the company was able to get the campaign to go viral.

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These events are usually very intimate, with eight to ten people, or can be larger, with 50 or more attendees. Smaller functions tend to be high level and provide executives a private setting for networking. On a larger scale, breakfasts, lunches and dinners can include thought leadership presentations as part of the event. At events, you have the chance to upsell to a captive audience by introducing them to products and services that they may not know about. They may then realize that your offering can address their needs.


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Thus, the Under 30 summit includes not only speakers, presentations, and networking, but also a whole lot of suitable entertainment activities. Among the latter are a private music festival, speed-pitching, industry-focused field trips, a food festival, and community service. Speaking of the content, Google provides a perfect mix of educational lectures from top experts and the company’s own product promotion. Each year, the brand shows new features for its software and hardware products.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful channels in your overall marketing strategy. Almost 66% of event managers say email campaigns are the most effective tool for event promotion. Although there are many ways to get registrations, from special websites to social media chatbots, do not overlook such a simple yet effective landing page.