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Following the revelation at L-Corp, Lena would later be repeatedly absent at work and dodging a number of calls from James for days now, having virtually disappeared from the public eye and seemingly into seclusion away from CatCo, with Olsen solely listening to Lena’s recorded response message at most instances he tried to contact Lena by way of the latter’s cellphone. Hanging up on James, Lena glances down at Sam atop of the hospital bed that the latter was lying down upon, wanting involved at her torpid employee. Despite Lillian producing a retractable lengthy wrist-blade of pure green Kryptonite from her armor’s right gauntlet, Kara flew proper in to try to interact her, only to be simply swatted back by the mix of the Lexosuit augmenting Lillian’s strength in addition to the buffered-sharp Kryptonite it has outfitted. Their fight brought on Lena to drop the voice recorder that she was holding, allowing Edge to retrieve it and run off with the proof that Lena deliberate to use against him.

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Turning around to face Lena and considerably in a detached trance, Sam menacingly advances in the direction of her employer who cautiously edges again from the other lady approaching her when Sam’s eyes momentarily flickered pink, displacing her abruptly chilly and gripping demeanor, and permitting Sam herself to return, albeit unable to recall what just happened. Lena noticed her eyes flashed and wonders if Samantha simply had a psychological black out and a now seated-down Sam affirms, remembering nothing from during out of her own lucidity. Lena has the two of them sit down before the desk as she proceeds to remind Sam of their first assembly. Of how, from that moment, the previous had the instinct to recruit Sam for her dedicated work ethics and the way due to these ethics that everyone whom Samantha ever worked with got here to acknowledged her price — not just by Lena — and it is not like she has to win “Employee of the Month” every time to find a way to cement that. And so, the company CEO of each CatCo and L-Corp recommends her employee to take the day with no work in leisurely time to deal away with the annoying complications that Sam was harboring these days. She finally asserts herself when Sam continued to insist on staying, ordering the latter to go be with her daughter, Ruby, for the day; and a grateful Sam lastly complies.

He all of a sudden turned emotionlessly unresponsive and unmoving from the place he stood, and Beth Breen seems behind him wearing a technological single earphone and concurrently addressing Lena, revealing that she has been using the Biomax, administered by its maker into himself, in order to control Jack. One day, Kara bumps into Lena at CatCo having forgotten that the two have been scheduled for a lunch kombucha date. Kara sincerely apologizes and expresses her frustration in making an attempt to get a warning out that Cadmus was abducting aliens after the terrorist group stole the National Alien Registry.

On the screen, a reporter conveyed how the hospital was on fireplace and that Lena Luthor was liable for the repairs which will have brought on the hearth; Lena was stunned. Lena wishes that Lex was lifeless however Brainy takes the rhetorical statement significantly and plans Lex’s demise and disposal. Lena talks Brainy and says that it turned her into the darkest version of herself. Lena rebukes the long spoken statement between the 2 of “little boxs for feelings.” who is having an emotional breakdown crammed with rage, out of his plans. After Lena and Alex constructed a sophisticated portal for every citizen of Earth-38 to make use of, and another reminder to Alex that they don’t appear to be pals after their deceptions, Lena helped as many individuals as she may to the ships while the Heroes of Earth-1 and Earth-38 bought them time, and with Oliver Queen’s sacrifice, Lena and over three billion different refugees escaped to Earth-1 before the antimatter wave destroyed the planet, and soon the entire universe.

Supergirl complimented Lena for saving her life against Leviathan with the suit, and Acrata together with her phrases. The two agreed to work together to defeat Lex and rebuild their friendship. Though the swimsuit was not but completed, Lena accompanied Kara who used her powers and went to William’s location, to search out him shot and Eve Teschmacher holding the smoking gun. Lena knocked the lady unconsciousness as Supergirl cauterized the man’s wound.

And as Lena correctly back-steps away from both her alien friend and foster mother, understanding of the skirmish that was about to transpire between the two, the latter would only mockingly reply that the previous’s choice of including a cape into her suit was simply as redundant if no more so. As Lena was distracted in dealing away along with her mom’s attack drone, Morgan took benefit of that to get a knife from the ruined buffet table and used it to threaten Lena into handing him his just-recorded confession. Lena tenses up, seemingly caught off-guard and did not anticipate this flip of events. Just then Lillian Luthor shows up behind Lena, asking her daughter why she stands in the finest way of her killing Edge and the latter replies that justice can still be met on Edge with out killing him. Lillian thinks otherwise and says that she plots a step ahead of Lena — who, from earlier, her mother stated can scheme forward of most people — having realized from the time when Lena deviated from the former’s Medusa Virus plot, after making it at first seem that she shared Lillian’s ideals, that her adopted daughter would possibly as quickly as again have cold feet in her mom’s intent to kill Morgan after outwardly agreeing to let Lillian have a crack at him.

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Two days later following Supergirl and Reign’s epic battle, Lena watches the televised information with Jimmy at her side at CatCo, exhibiting how a lot the town’s criminal component sky-rocketed in the wake of Supergirl’s defeat; she expresses her concern, but James assures Lena that every thing shall be fantastic. Lena then brings up the matter regarding Kara — whom she acknowledges as the one journalist within the city with the knack for finding the alien heroine out of the blue — who has but to show up for work since Christmas and far less noticed within the wake of the Kryptonians’ skirmish that evening. She was later seen at Sam’s home again, on the couch, and thanked both Sam and Kara for his or her collaborated efforts in acquitting her name and never giving up on their boss when Lena practically did; she was particularly grateful in the course of Kara for staying true to her employer and good friend when Lena’s personal morale was at its lowest level, and apologizes in the method in which she dismissed Kara’s unwavering assist and loyalty from earlier. Lena knowledgeable them that she never had anyone willing to love her no matter what, and Kara advised her that it was because she by no means had a sister. Sam chimed in that Lena had two sisters now, and so they each come together and hugged either facet of Lena. After the truth was revealed, it’s believed that Lena returned to her companies after L-Corp succeeded in synthesizing a cure for the lead-poisoned youngsters.

After confirming to Lena their collective suspicions of Edge being behind the poisoning, however with no hyperlinks to him, on account of the poisoner, whom Jimmy caught up to and bodily accosted right exterior of CatCo only to be killed, by a mysterious shooter utilizing a particular kind of untraceable ammunition, before James may get anything out of the man. Later, Lena receives a cup of coffee from Eve in her workplace whereas Kara and James thought up of angles and theories regarding Morgan’s claims on someone focusing on him. According to Kara, NCPD’s technical forensics couldn’t discover something that could be traced as foul play — meaning that both there wasn’t any to start with or that subtle expertise was used. The sort that’s easily past the native legislation enforcement’s capacity to research, and that appeared to have got Lena into silent pondering; she is, in fact, nicely aware of a faction who would have entry to such superior technological sources and vocations. But more importantly, these individuals — or rather, the person they reply to — would have motive to seek out Edge if they knew he’s coming into direct and violent opposition towards Lena.