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To give your post a greater chance of acceptance, it must adhere to our editorial standards and be 100% original and unique content written by a subject-matter expert. Following are some legal practice areas for them, You can send us guest post content. We will accept those articles only that will educate readers about legal issue and how they can face off legal issue in their life. These examples can create a bridge between the contents of your legal blogs (the theoretical, at least from the client’s viewpoint) to their potential case . You can make any arguments which you present in your legal blogs stronger by including summarized case material. Many people re-read entire articles or sections multiple times.


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Demonstrate your writing skills to a target audience that will like reading your work. Once accepted and also submitted to us, you have no right to host the short article on any other online platform. Marketing web content will certainly be approved just if it is of any type of actual value to the reader and also not simply an advertising and marketing gig. Get in touch with us and we can review what you have and maybe help you with a post on our dedicated lawyer blog. We acknowledge that various subtopics exist within each of these big topics. If you want to blog on expungement or gun rights, which would fall under the broader issue of Criminal Protection, we are a fantastic fit.

We do not accept traditional guest blogging requests from authors without extensive experience and expertise in our topics. Creating the perfect blog post for your law firm takes practice. It doesn’t come easily, but it can be extremely beneficial to your firm. Blog posts can expand your reach, establish your authority in the field, and pull in more clients and, in turn, revenue for your firm. How can we think that you are competent legal bloggers? If this is the case, then please give links to any past guest posts that you have contributed.

If you find it difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts that pertain specifically to your audience, utilize your resources by surveying the people around you for ideas. Ask your team what the most frequent questions they get when speaking to clients are, and answer them in a blog post. Ask your previous clients what the hardest thing to understand about their case was, and lay out that issue in a blog post. While it’s obvious that blogging for a law firm requires time and effort, there’s no doubt that it’s an effective way to market your firm. Here are some of the top reasons why you should learn how to write a blog post.

This can be extremely helpful when developing your layout and content — but don’t fall into the trap of copying work from other websites. Executing your own ideas is a central tenet of a successful blog post. A relevant and educational blog post should answer a question that your potential clients might have.