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At More Than Gifts, we aim to provide our readers with the best gift ideas out there – which is why we welcome guest posts to offer a varied range of presents to our readers. If you’ve perused through this list of best gifts for writers and are still not sold on the perfect present for the special author in your life, don’t lose hope. Why not gift this pen that’s engraved with their initials or pen name? Authors will love signing books or jotting down their fleeting book ideas with this memorable writing tool.

I think this bag has the potential to be a good conversation starter for introverted writers while standing in line at the bookstore, library or writers conference. Coffee is considered by many as a must-have writers tool, morning, noon and for some, even night. Awaken the writing machine within with Death Wish Coffee. The coffee is strong, yet the name is deceptive as it has a smooth texture and it’s completely natural. This portable seat cushion will help them find a comfortable place to write wherever they go. Gone are the days of stiff coffee shop stools and worn-in library seats.

Find out more about why author Kyle Massa loves dictation in this article. Ready to invest in their writing this Christmas? Head to our gift page to send their license directly to their email inbox on the date of your choice. Make it a book club pick (if that’s an option for you). Suggest their book to your local book club or ask your local bookstore to carry it. There are more than 70 curated collections, or you can choose the books yourself with a custom collection.


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Set the tone for their day of writing by reminding them of their purpose before they finish their morning coffee. Plus, you can personalize it by adding their name on the back for no extra charge. Check out our list of the All-Time Best products we’ve ever tested. Have you ever thought to yourself, I would get so much more writing done if I was less distracted?

Also, my mother in law is asking for our Christmas lists right now, so this gave me some ideas to give her. And yes, they still ask us for Christmas lists even though we’re 30 years old and have a kid haha. I cannot even begin to count how many notebooks I have laying around in every corner of my house. I use them to jot down blog ideas, record book review notes, and outline my blog posts. This is why a gift card for any author services needed during the book production process is especially helpful. You can gift your writer any amount to help them with fees towards ISBNs, book cover design, editing, and more.

This gift also pays tribute to your recipient. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired to write 100 notes to loved ones or 100 very, very short stories. You can customize everything from the cover to the number of pages and choose from a wide selection of illustrations and text to make a book that’s unique to your love story. 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster lets your writer track progress as they read a variety of books ranging from classics to contemporary hits.

Reach out and request and/or purchase a one-hour virtual chat, or even a three-hour mentoring session. If possible, gift them a package of sessions because you know your writer has a boatload of questions. Just because we’re at our computers doesn’t mean any magic is happening, what with at-home distractions or email and social media distractions. Literary Insults Chart includes some splashes of color, so it makes great wall art… and shows off your writer’s personality, too. Plus these gifts do good; for every item they sell, Out of Print donates a book to literacy programs around the world.