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We reserve the right to remove any link on your article if it points to a prohibited site or looks to us as a mere promotion. This means that we do not accept or approve all contents sent to us. Make sure that your articles contain proper heading and subheadings, such as H1, H2, and H3. These headings will help divide the article into sections. Please write in grammatically correct English, formatted in American English.

We don’t have any restriction of word count but we expect our writers to submit guest post not less than 800 words and not more than 2000 words. The basic goal of the “The Business Goals” is to help the business community in achieving their business goals and objectives by providing the authentic and latest business tips, ideas, news, and trends. The Business Goals will help entrepreneurs, startups, and people who want to make money online or make money from home by adopting legitimate ways.

We have thousands of social media followers around the world. IF YOU ARE EMAILING FROM A Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address, we will not reply. We are a professional business site and only highlight writing from professional sources. IF YOU SUBMIT AN ARTICLE that is NOT related to small business or entrepreneurs, we will not reply. We don’t allow biased product reviews to be posted on our blog.


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You need to know some basic guidelines which you need to follow before you send us your content. So, if you are passionate about startups, productivity, mindset strategies, personal branding, PR, and other business-related topics, we will love to feature your work. Below are some essential points you should note before starting a guest post with us. Guest posts are becoming trending and upcoming innovations in creating a marketplace and sharing your ideas with the audience in no time.

We are one of the leading small business blog that accept guest post on topics mentioned above. We are a business blog that is read by 150 thousand people on monthly basis while 5000 people read our content daily. We give opportunity to our writers to grow along with us. Anything that is appealing and provides a different perspective is acceptable to us. Our view base will also help you to promote yourself in different ways.

Through the articles, they should learn about a new topic, acquire a unique point of view, or get aware about a leading brand and their story. So, if you want to write for us in Startups, Entrepreneurship or Business niche, you are welcome. The start-up guest posts allow you to write articles that inform and advise people about starting their own businesses.

It generally takes a few days to a week for the approval of a guest post request. Here are a few things you may consider if your guest post content is approved. No link building, advertising and affiliate marketing (however, we are open to sponsored posts for commercial products/contents). If we discover that you duplicated a topic that has already been published on this platform or elsewhere. After publishing, we do not permit revisions of that article. However, if significant modifications are necessary on our end, we can implement such changes.

The opening paragraph should explain to the reader what the article is about, engage them and make them want to learn more. We don’t want a rough draft, partial draft, or a short pitch. We have the right to reject any article that does not meet our standards and our audience’s taste. We will share your voice, ideas, and messages with the world.

If we already have an article on the topic already published on our blog. We provide two links (one do-follow); could be your social platforms or your website. The content should be informative, useful, and easy to read and understand. NxtDecade is open for all experts, content creators, marketers, business owners, and promoters to pitch content and expand their portfolio, reach, visibility, and traffic with us. Your content should be 100% original and not plagiarized if you want to publish your content.