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Wonderful list… I was planning to do guest blogging on few blogs. And anyways you can add another category related to Internet Marketing. As the non stable algorithm of Google, the best and effective way of exposure and link building is guest posting. I just added some fashion blogs to this list that allows guest blogging. Did anyone have fashion or shopping related blogs for guest posting. Guest blogging is NOT dead and it will never be as long as you adhere to Google rules and create quality content for others.

Submissions can include a preferred headline but we reserve the right to change it prior to publication. DO NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN POSTS without getting an assignment first. If you’d like to pitch me, but you haven’t been through one of those two programs, like my Facebook page to stay in touch — I post there when I’m open to pitches from all comers. Your favorite hobbies may be just the place to start looking to find freelance work.What are you interested in? For example… GardeningHorsesSailingModel railroadsSport fishingBicyclingTravel You can find freelance… And it shows in recent articles on wealth and poverty, Donald Trump as a taboo topic at work, inequalities in education, and much more.

About – Maclean’s is Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine. Washington Monthly is a political magazine that illuminates the ideas and characters that animate America’s government. We break the stories, highlight the issues, and frame the arguments that Americans will read in their newspapers and see on TV and the Web months, even years, later. Michelle Malkin has a very aggressive, in-your-face way of blogging that has certainly found many takers.

While reviewing new books is definitely necessary, you can create strong evergreen content by reviewing classics or other political books that have remained popular over the years. People will continue looking for reviews of great books, which means you can attract new readers by having reviews that they are certain to be searching for. National Review is a leading conservative magazine and website covering news, politics, current events, and culture with detailed analysis and commentary. Founded in 1955, as a magazine of conservative opinion, The magazine has defined the modern conservative movement and enjoys readership among American conservatives.

If you are an agency or company working to place guest posts for links, we don’t do any of this. Ditto if you want to publish your sponsored post with your links, or go back to an old post and stuff your link in. Our guest post guidelines outline what we are looking for so you can be sure your pitch hits the mark with our editing team. We are excited to hear your post ideas about the business and craft of freelance writing. A good option for evergreen content on a political blog is reviews of political books in your niche.


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Articles are typically selected based on our judgment of the relative interest that the article will generate with our audience, and an assessment of the writing style. Articles that appear in Middle East Reportmagazine are solicited in advance by an editorial team to address a particular theme or case study for a future issue of the magazine. Editors contact authors and provide suggestions for an article in the context of the broader theme. Occasionally, editors will choose to run an article submitted independently. Very resourceful list Anil, going to take some time to get through those but could be useful so thank you. I already guest post on several of these, they’re great.

News articles or other “announcement” type content can be a great way to gather new readers. One benefit of news content is the short-term but powerful increase in search volume during an event. While this bump may be temporary, it can be a great tool for grabbing new readers who end up coming back for more. Are you writing to political junkies who follow every slight shift in the political scene, or are you writing to everyday people who only think of politics now and then? Whatever the core focus of your blog is, you need to consider the people you want reading it so that you can decide your tone and your content needs.

Against each blog, I have mentioned its guest blogging guidelines, contact details, its Ahrefs Rank, and Domain Rating . The following list contains blogs in Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing, Web Development, Finance, Technology, and Health industry that are accepting guest posts. A political blog is a great place for news-type content. After all, you see constant news stories about what is happening in politics.

He is an academic, a prominent lawyer and a nationally syndicated radio show host. He has served in the Reagan Administration and is a leading political commentator in the US. NewsBusters is a project of the Media Research Center , America’s leading media watchdog in documenting, exposing, and neutralizing liberal media bias. The mission is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. Essential political coverage from California and the presidential campaign, including in-depth commentary, analysis and election results.

We do not accept stories that have been submitted simultaneously to other publications. In rare instances we will consider previously published articles, but please disclose if that’s the case. We’re NOT interested in product reviews, product-related news, or self-promotion.