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Texts cannot contain links to adult or gambling sites. However, they have to be about the latest trends and events of the Fashion Industry. We have the right to alter your submitted content at any point of time if required.

Guest posts are a great way to share content with new audiences. Guest blogging is a marketing tactic that has been in use for years, and it has helped many bloggers get their name out there. Guest posts are also a great way to reach more people who might not have otherwise seen your content.

Sharing your own subjective view on the fashion trends or evoking a grandly new perspective on what fashion is, has become so casually available. That’s why many people seek ways to outpour their creative vision on what constitutes fashion. This spurred many to look for platforms that are ready to accept their “outpourings.” The “fashion write for us” query has seen a stable rise in popularity on Google Trends. The blogs that perform the best tend to have a very clear objective, except for the highly generic news sites with a vast workforce.

We accept submissions from writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. So whether you’re a seasoned fashion journalist or a fashion-loving blogger, we’d love to hear from you. Write for Us is an opportunity to share your love of Vintage fashion with the world. We are now accepting guest posts from other bloggers willing to expand their readership. So, if you have a blog in the same niche and have a draft that you want to send us, now is the time.

Any charts, graphs, images, quotes, etc. that you obtain from other sources must be appropriately attributed. The blog is dedicated to beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle enthusiasts and we would like that it to stay that way. That’s why all articles sent to us for guest posting should belong to the relevant niche for the benefit of our readers.


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The stronger your attention, the more likely it is that you will be heard and recognized. It must include one subtitle for every 150-word section. Readers will get to know your website and you’ll get traffic from a backlink. Any claims made in the article must be backed up with reliable sources. We reserve the right to make edits to your article before publishing, as well as the right to decline to publish an article if it does not meet our standards. Please familiarize yourself with our website and blog to get a feel for our style.

That’s why we request authors to do a thorough grammar check before sending us the final article. Done right, this can make you a favorite of search engines too. The people who are crazy about writing and have innovative writing skills and practices, then all guest writers can contribute a guest post to write for us page. All guest posts must be useful, engaging and relevant to Creators Magazine’s audience.

Before submitting the whole piece, you may give us your thoughts and pitch if you want to write for us. Please do not send us anything that is unrelated to these areas since it is unlikely that it would be uploaded as we do not currently accept content on other topics. Makeup tips, hairstyles, skin care, body care, nail art, tattoos, body care, fragrance, tools and accessories, hair removal and shaving, oral care, etc. CBD, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, and any other medical issues are not acceptable.