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It’s worth telling and will make your name more memorable, according to Brandlance, which develops business name ideas. African cooking sauce business described how missing the tastes from her home country inspired her to start the company. In fact, the best public speakers often communicate their information by telling personal stories. Apply that winning technique to your About Us page and you’ll forge a connection with your visitor. Is there an interesting anecdote about how the business started?

Whether you have a single conversation starter for a character, or a complete narrative arc, you will only begin your creative writing journey when you physically do it. Even if you have no idea on what to write – look for writing prompt inspiration from all around you. The more you practice unleashing your creativity, the easier it will be to write over longer periods of time. This is a writing blog which imparts knowledge on many writing disciplines to readers. As such, posts need to be well-written and demonstrate good command of language, grammar, punctuation, clarity, style and tone. Run your content through a spell check, and try to catch all the typos.

Are you ready to take the next step and work with a professional writer? It’s also much like other skills because the more you do it, the stronger you become in it. That’s why exercising your creative writing skills is so important. Since creative writing covers such a wide variety of writing, we wanted to break down the different types of creative writing out there to help you make sense of it. There are a few points of views you can write in.


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Thinking on the same lines of SEO Write for Us, Marketing Write for Us is the content you would specifically be focused on writing content solely for marketing purposes. We push it out to publish on our website and pay you for your efforts as per your content or our agreement which can be the number of words, length of the article etc. Good-name.org has been uniquely set up with a thought of readers like yourself who aspire to write, however, could not due to many reasons . Get a FREE book of writing prompts and learn how to make more money from your writing. Your PhD in Creative Writing could help you get a job as a reporter, copywriter, editor or within marketing. In fact, your PhD could help you in any job hunting scenario, as it proves that you have an ability to work independently and creatively and shows you are a hard worker.

New writing jobs emerge as the tools and platforms for writers evolve. For example, the title of e-commerce copywriter didn’t exist in the early 2000s. Your niche could be creative writing jobs, greeting card writing, writing jobs for beginners, targeted ads, technical writing, content marketing, or academic writing.

Indeed, many of our oldest stories still inspire modern-day storytellers such as Christopher Tolkien and his famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. Careers in creative writing for entertainment cross over and connect to almost all forms of modern media. Every movie needs a script, every advertisement starts with an idea and most video games need a story. Jobs in creative writing for entertainment are exciting, challenging and fun. Scripted is an online marketplace that connects companies with freelance writers who can fulfill different writing gigs like blogs, articles, and even bulk social media posts. Most jobs in this industry require a college degree so specializing in writing for the entertainment industry can improve a student’s future employment prospects.

If one of your articles is extremely relevant, then a link is encouraged. Otherwise, a post with unnecessary links to your site is not allowed. Go through this blog’s archives and figure out what I haven’t written about yet.

All while allowing you to maintain control of your book–and its royalties. Since all creative writing has an underlying theme behind it, it’s really important for you to be able to accurately depict that theme throughout the story you’re telling. When you’re reading a newspaper, you don’t often read paragraphs of descriptions depicting the surrounding areas of where the events took place. Visual descriptions are largely saved for creative writing.

Another client is a former coal miner who wanted to start an internet business and get out of mining, but he didn’t know what to sell. One day he was shopping at a Macy’s department store and passed an eye-catching display of crystal figurines. For some reason, the picture of those crystal pieces stayed in his mind. One of my clients started his business as a way to save for his two daughters’ college education. It was only natural then, that the name of the company is a combination of both girls’ names, and that story is told along with a photo of the owner and his two girls on the About Us page. Some people choose to write their About Us page as though an objective third-party has provided the information.