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Make sure to look for publishers who focus on specific topics instead of topics like business or finance. Check out their backlink profiles to see if they’ve grown. If they have, this is a sign of good quality backlinks. Here is the list of 1100+ HR guest posting sites including categories like business, management, and marketing blogs.


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In order to be eligible to guest post on high-authority blogs, you must first develop real-world relationships with the editors of the publications. The more authority a site has, the stronger the backlinks it will generate. Guest posts on subdomains will not have the same impact on SEO, so make sure to target blogs on their root domain. Moreover, you should target high-authority blogs, as these will have higher monthly site traffic and therefore, more readers. Moreover, try to avoid spamming blogs and aim for high-quality websites.

Thank you for sharing useful information .Well written and also well formatted blog. I highly appreciate your article, thank you very much for sharing. I will definitly visit the blogs you have recommended. Checkout a new and upcoming blog focused on general HR practices run by KunbaHR – a HR Software Company. And that’s one of the reasons he started HR capitalist—to build a community that turns strategic ideas into specific takeaways to benefit HR practitioners everywhere.

We do not accept Individual profiles of any startup founder unless or until they are well recognized and are a well-known household name. Any post that solely serves only promotional activities or offers will not be accepted. References should be given to research papers, surveys, and studies in the text to the original content source.

Accompanied by a short biography , at the end of the post. Related to the philosophy, topics and overall themes of the site. This is an initiative to share your opinions, news, best HR practices, awards, and events, with us. Write for us and get acknowledged by the entire HR fraternity.

Contact us at if interested in being a contributor. For this reason, we always teach our writers new types of content development technology. We are always on the lookout for well-written “how-to” articles or tips, tricks and best practices. Please invest the time so they are not just list-based articles without added value. Once our editorial team approve your requested topic, you can write the content as per the guidelines listed above.

But quality of the post is a lot more important than the length. We reserve the right to edit and adapt your article as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness. ​We excited to read about your favourite tips, how-to guides, and unique stories. The article should not contain content prohibited by law and moral and ethical norms of society.

I find that employee engagement is an increasing important issue that is coming up for us and a few of these blogs really cover that. So much so that their posts aim to make everyone else as passionate about employee engagement as they are. They cover benefits and perks, HR trends, wellness, and more. Please include links to your previously published articles in your email pitch. We only link to informational blog articles/resources. Our team will then review the article, and either accept it with a publishing date, or reply with what needs to be improved before resubmitting.

By submitting an article, you understand that you agree to this agreement document. You are then expected to follow this format and style document to write and prepare your article. Charts, graphs, data visualizations, or anything else that adds value or clarity is encouraged.

I would like to inform you about the HR blog of startup business Recruitee, with posts in categories as employer branding, HR Tech and Talent Sourcing. Hi Sandrine, thanks for these additional recommendations! The blogs we mentioned in this list are the ones we personally like to follow. Well, that’s a nice list to get started with but mostly focused on HR generalist and employee recognition/engagement.