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For the credit of the post, writers can send us a 2-3 line biography upto two links to their blog’s social media accounts and one linkback for the blog. We do encourage aspiring writers to sharpen their writing skills and allow their writers to express their creative ideas on a worldwide platform. We also allow the writer to know about the different sectors through writing such blog posts. As we have mentioned above, we are one of the fast-growing platforms in the industry, we are already having thousands of visitors every month consistently. Before publishing up the content on our blog we make sure that it is unique enough and is withholding all of the necessary information related to that topic. If you are about to say yes to these questions, this is the perfect place you are going to enjoy a lot.

Guest authors are requested to link back to websites or blogs that they own and not any third-party website/blog. Moreover, including more than one link in a guest post is against our policy and any such submission will be rejected. Another requisite of approval is the use of correct grammar. Though we don’t want you to be a grammar Nazi, we want to ensure that your draft has good grammar throughout.


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As a result, we’re providing a remarkable chance for writers and authors to obtain recognition and a platform to promote their work. Furthermore, you can add your beneficial information to our worthy webpage for a reasonable cost. This blog is specially designed to cover all the related topics on Lifestyle. We appreciate your efforts and welcome you if you are having some interesting and unique Lifestyle write for us topics here. Whether you are a professional writer or a beginner, make sure that you have strictly passed on the given guideline. By submitting your guest post to us its mean we will own copyrights and we can modify if we feel there is a need.

If you are wondering what to write for 99 Percent Lifestyle then look through previously published articles to give yourself a better idea. Please read theAbout page to get a clear understanding of the topics that this brand covers also. Before you send us a draft of your post idea, you must understand that we do not offer our guest authors any remuneration. Guest posting on our blog is free and you should expect no monetary payback. What you do get is a reader base that is eager to know what you have to say. So, if you want to increase traffic and boost your blog’s publicity, you will get the best from your posts on our blog.

Here at, I not only equip you with the latest fashion trends but also consider beauty and wellness as the top priority. Follow my blog to make your lifestyle healthy and fashionable. This platform is designed to share news and tips on everyday living. We believe everyone has a unique talent and can make it to success however average we look in real life.

We do not want posts from guest authors to stray far from our approach. Remember that you have to cater to all our readers and not just a section of it. It was all about the detailed guidelines for guest posting on our blog.