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We do not publish content that has already been published somewhere else. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and we don’t like being your second choice. We think that technology can address the world’s major challenges, and we are a part of it. It helps a lot to be good at one thing, which is only achievable if you practise a lot. You publish articles whenever you submit Guest Posts to someone. It provides you with a fantastic opportunity to significantly increase your growth rate.


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All the mentioned blogs feature original content, add value to our reader’s knowledge, and are SEO-optimized. So, if you can write on such a topic while keeping all our requirements intact, we will be pleased to publish it on our blog. As a large international team, Creatella has a wide range of expertise from which you can learn. However, we can provide topic ideas if you require.

In the Insights section anybody from app brand owners to indie developers can find a piece of advice on multiple app development, marketing or analytics related matters. It will help you choose the right topic and content idea. Articles must be related to our categories or target audience.

To increase the authority of your website, you must obtain a significant number of backlinks. Always check site owner categories, in which they are accepting guest post. Publication of guest author’s posts on our blog goes through specific stages. All the steps must be completed without exception, otherwise, your article won’t be published. With an expertise in a specific area to share their knowledge and contribute to our Insights section.

Seriously, you would not believe how many writers pitch me who have clearly never read this page. We recommend all content creators email us the topic and a brief outline of their guest post for approval. Ensure that the topic you choose isn’t already covered on the Cloudways blog. Once your topic is approved, share the Table of Content, so we get a clear idea of your blog. Send traffic to your own blog or social media pages through an author bio and link on every article you write.

You also have to manage keyword density, so try to add 4-5 focus keywords in the whole article. If your article has features and benefits types of content, then try to write in bullet points. Try to add 7-8 LSI keywords in your content and make it Bold so our editor can see how many keywords you have added. It is better to add a relevant link in the content which is officially for learning and informative website, For Example Wikipedia and W3schools.

Building a relationship with the website owner can help you land some high-quality guest posts on his site if he accepts your offer. Google search strings to find guest posting sites for your desired topic. + Original, fresh, actionable content is the soul of our platform.

Are found to be plagiarized, copied, or spun from another source. We respect the work of writers who make their trade through writing and reserve the right not to publish a compromised post. Are not written in English or are written in the form of English that the general population cannot seem to understand.